Peter Morrens
10.11.21 — 19u

Peter Morrens (°1965, BE) is working on a multifaceted oeuvre, comprising of drawings, photographs, installations and performances, through which he gives form to his fascinations for sensuality, the experience of time, sexuality, destruction, fetishism, unrest, rhythm, reversal, and transgression. His practice is driven by intuition: in a playful, probing way he finds, selects and reworks images. Perception itself, but also the viewer’s precise position are central concerns in Morrens’ work. An image is that which shifts between viewer and reality. Morrens very often reprises older works in order to consciously disrupt the chronology of his oeuvre. Peter Morrens is an artist who tries to make connections, who takes you into a world that is at times absurd, that questions the status of the artwork and is characterised by a labyrinthine openness, by a generosity that reaches out to other creators .
In the capacity of various personae – Peter Morrens, PM, Herman Smit, Point Blank Press – the artist works in a disparate manner on various series of drawings, objects and installations. In that way, there is always a tense, associative connection between the parts and the whole, which – temporarily – engage in a relationship with the space and/or context.
  • In the context of ENSEMBLE, a year project with students culminating in an exhibition (May-June 2022 — SLAC)
  • Language: Dutch