Jan Van Eijgen
15.12.22 — 19u

Jan Van Eijgen explores in mixed media and fungi how himself and others relate to deeply human phenomena such as suffering, transition and regeneration. Whether he is an artist, a doctor or an outsider, the result of this mind game functions as a conversation starter. He seeks out fields of tension and brings - whether or not far-fetched - analogies to light. From his dual background as a conceptual artist and doctor, he became mesmerized by, among other things, the use of fungi, which, as a visual material, seamlessly fit into this narrative. During the fall of 2022, Van Eijgen worked on a research project (together with other scientists, researchers and bio-artists) on coloring penicillium species through genetic transformation. He will show the results during a group exhibition at Keizersberg Abbey.
  • Studio Annext, Abdij van Keizersberg, Mechelsestraat 202