03.02.23 — 19u

Every Island is a design collective based in Brussels, investigating performativity in space through ephemeral architectures and installations. 

Using ambiguity as a design tool, we think of space as scenography for transitions, of roles, of stages and of meanings. Within each project, materiality is conceived as a reminiscence of hidden memories, images, sensations.

Every Island was formed in early 2021 by Alessandro Cugola (Verona, 1993), Caterina Malavolti (Milan, 1992), Damir Draganić (Sarajevo, 1991), Juliane Seehawer (Berlin, 1989), Martina Genovesi (Milan, 1991).

During the time given by a residency at Cas-co , Every Island approached maintenance in the space as a repetitive act. Within the foolishness of such act, an image that does not truly exist is portrayed and performed. In this process, we might experience apathy but also intimacy, and its link to the human body. Within the invisible doing, an almost intangible but mutual exchange is set.
  • In the context of a three-months collective residency at Off the Grid in Cas-co and the opening of Every Island’s final presentation.
  • Language: English