11.03.21 — 19u

Darwin T. Cabrera (° 1995, Ecuador, lives and works in Antwerp) mainly works with photography and video. The starting point of his work is the question of what makes an image a portrait. Is it the way people relate to the lens or the act of shooting itself? What is disclosed and what is not? Cabrera made portraits of young people going uit, passers-by on the street in Schaerbeek, people in public swimming pools, etc.

In his recent work he introduces video and sequences, which add a time-bound and spatial dimension to his work. In a series of video portraits of children from a football team in a suburb of Antwerp, he deliberately plays with the tension between snapshot and time lapse.

During his N + 1 residency in Cas-co, Cabrera developed the series “Between Two Currents”. Cabrera takes the viewer along in his thinking process: he observes passers-by and events that unfold in the public space of Leuven, inbetween two snapshots. He elevates fleeting interactions, interruptions, intimacy, but also moments of self-reflection to portraits on the border between photo and video.
  • Darwin T. Cabrera - Between Two Currents
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