12.05.22 — 19u

A walk and talk from the Botanical Garden to BAC ART LAB in which artists An Roovers and Floris Vanhoof take you on a journey through their practice and installations in the context of the sound art exhibition Hear Here.

An Roovers (°1985) is a Belgian visual artist residing in the Cas-co studios in Leuven since 2020. Her fascination for nature, tradition and history translates into an intuitive sculptural practice that can best be described as three-dimensional drawings. Earth/clay is the raw material for Roovers' personal minimalistic oeuvre that is both poetic and socially engaged. In her lecture, Roovers will elaborate on her practice and the work LAAN, an in-situ work that can be found in the Kruidtuin during the sound art exhibition Hear Here.

Floris Vanhoof is a versatile Antwerp-based media artist and musician. He transforms homemade musical circuits and old projectors into installations, expanded cinema, performances, films and music releases. By translating one medium into another, he explores how our perception works and how new perspectives emerge. For the sound art exhibition Hear Here, Floris Vanhoof created the installation Antenna in BAC ART LAB. This grand piano crowned with hexagonal antenna is played by invisible electromagnetic radiations, like radio or smartphone signals. With Antenna, Vanhoof wanted to place an ancient mechanical instrument in an era where all things are wirelessly connected, and see and hear how such an object reacts to it.
  • As part of the sound art exhibition Hear Here (23.04.22 - 06.06.22)
  • In cooperation with Kruidtuin, Cas-co, BAC ART LAB en KU Leuven Dienst Cultuur
  • Language: Dutch