Siemen Van Gaubergen
07.10.20 — 19u

Siemen Van Gaubergen (°1991, BE)  is a Belgian visual artist, residing in the Cas-co studios in Leuven since 2018. In his practice, he investigates contemporary visual culture and the way in which we understand images. Narratives of all kind form the multilayered background against which his images take shape. In the creation of his work, he additionally makes use of existing or newly created photographs, videostills, instruction sheets, language and graphic signs. The result is often complex, and demands to be viewed and reviewed, deciphered. In his lecture, Van Gaubergen will elaborate on his practice on the occasion of his solo exhibition at STUK.
  • In het kader van / in the context of the opening Siemen Van Gaubergen: Entitled (pizza) in STUKcafé (07.10.20) of Cas-co & STUK
  • Talk: Nederlands / Dutch spoken