Mircea Cantor
07.10.20 — 19u

Mircea Cantor (°1977, RO) is a Romanian-born contemporary visual artist, based in Paris. His multidisciplinary practice is first and foremost to be understood in terms of (a quest for) visual poetry, meditation and spirituality. Throughout his work, motives such knots and ropes but also fingerprints, florals, flags, airplanes, and angels, are recurrent, resulting in a closely knit and rhizomatic oeuvre. In this artist talk, Cantor enters into dialogue with curator Karen Verschooren about his solo exhibition in STUK, Am I Really Free?. This first overview exhibition of Cantor’s work in Belgium presents a careful selection of films, photography and drawings that allow us to reflect upon the freedom of our movements in space, the practice of tracking and tracing, ideas of borders and limitations, and the courageous and sometimes audacious attempt to subvert them.
  • In het kader van / in the context of the opening Expo (07.10.20) Mircea Cantor: Am I really free?
  • Talk: Engels / English spoken