Sarah Smolders
16.05.24 — 19u
M Leuven

Sarah Smolders’s work comes into being in dialogue with a specific space and its architectural characteristics, which she carefully observes and annotates through painterly interventions and elements. Shifts and additions barely perceptible at first sight invite the viewer to slow down, view and experience the space in an unexpected way. In doing so, Smolders deploys both the memory of the space and her own oeuvre. Residues of site-specific actions are brought back to the studio and then re-applied in new exhibitions, as her own spatial alphabet. For her presentation at M, Sarah Smolders combines different residues for the first time, as part of a new spatial intervention in the exhibition spaces next to the museum’s roof terrace.
  • In the context of the Sarah Smolders exhibition in M (15.03.24-1.09.24)
  • M Leuven, Leopold Vanderkelenstraat 28
  • Dutch spoken