Pierre Coric
01.04.21 — 19u

Liège artist Pierre Coric's practice (°1994, BE) is based on performance, text and sound. He confronts the viewer with the chaos, the meaninglessness and the improbability of things. When the chaotic organisation of the universe is shaken up, collisions take place between all these cosmic bits and bobs, sometimes causing 'some things' to become 'something'. In the words of the artist himself: “'Some things’ becoming ‘something’ is a construction of meaningless bits becoming a meaningful ensemble.” Pierre Coric reflects on mechanisms that run according to new paradigms and that reveal different perceptions of time. Sensitive time, connected to its environment and the organic life it affects. Time connected with humans, nature and micro-organisms.

Pierre Coric graduated in 2018 with a master’s degree in visual arts, Sint Lucas Antwerp. He recently presented his work in exhibitions in a.o. Extra City Antwerp, RongWrong Amsterdam, Hopscotch Reading Room Berlin, RAAT Antwerp, C.C.A. Ujazdowski - Warsaw and Werktank Leuven.
  • I.c.w. Werktank
  • Talk: Dutch spoken
  • Video talk online on youtube (NL), from 1 April via this link or via www.slac.be/academie
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