Michele Matyn
07.03.24 — 19u

Michèle Matyn (°1978, Antwerp) has developed a multifaceted and experimental practice encompassing photography, sculpture, installation and performance. In her work, she explores how myths, folklore, and traditions emerge, as well as how we attribute anthropomorphic characteristics to natural phenomena. Travelling to far and nearby places is, therefore, an essential part of her work; she uses travel as a studio. The polaroid photograph is a crucial medium for Matyn. Its distinctive warm colours and hazy blur result from imperfections and coincidences inherent in the camera's automatism. Her interaction with the environment can be considered as participatory observation, seamlessly linking Matyns photography and performances.
  • In the context of New Horizons, a year project with students culminating in an exhibition in SLAC, May 2024
  • Dutch spoken