Klaas Rommelaere
11.10.22 — 19u

Belgian artist Klaas Rommelaere (°1986, BE) creates textile artworks. His tools are needle, thread, wool and yarn. Inspired by films, comics, books and personal experiences, Rommelaere translates his ideas into puppets, embroideries and tapestries. Rommelaere's imagery is rooted in both everyday life and pop culture: quotes from films or animations are mixed with interpersonal observations and experiences. Larger scenes and whole images are embroidered. The results are layered, strange visual stories. He uses traditional crafts that require skill and time and combines them with an open, innovative and creative vision.
  • In the context of tussenruimte, a year project with students culminating in an exhibition in SLAC, May 2023
  • SLAC, foyer, Dirk Boutslaan 60