Katrien Kolenberg
27.05.21 — 19u

Katrien Kolenberg (°1974, BE) is an astrophysicist and an artist. Art and science are in continuous interaction in her life and work. The phenomenon of time fascinates her in all its aspects from an early age onwards. In artistic expression and creation, Katrien Kolenberg tries to capture the cosmic perspective and to express (our) transience and how things, people, beings are interconnected. Katrien Kolenberg works at KU Leuven and UAntwerp.
  • In the context of a year project with students for the BANG! Big Bang City Festival 2021 – KU[N]ST Leuven, culminating in an online expo SLAC (May-June 2021)
  • Video talk online on youtube (EN/NL)
  • Talk: Dutch / English spoken
Watch video here