14.03.22 — 19u

Els van Riel (°1965, BE) is a Brussels based experimental filmmaker. Her films, video's and installations explore the impact of detailed changes in movement, moment, matter, light and perception. With links to the tradition of structural film making, she processes the basic elements of film -time and light- and develops a form for new aesthetic pleasure, bypassing any symbolism and narrativity. For van Riel the projector is a central figure in the cinematographical act of giving form to a screening, performance or installation. The mechanical image source often becomes actively present as if it were a living object. The object is not exactly the light but much more its projection or, what amounts to the same thing, the illumination. There is also this constant play between double meanings of light, enlightenment, the light of the projector, so also in that sense it's sort of an ongoing research as well.

The work of Els van Riel has been shown a.o. in Q-O2, CYFEST Saint-Petersburg, AVANT festival Sweden, Courtisane festival Ghent, Cinematek Brussels, Viennale, Kunstverein Hamburg. She is a member of the analogue filmlab Labo Bxl and the Brussels' platform Cinema Parenthèse.
  • In the context of ENSEMBLE, a year project with students culminating  in an exhibition in SLAC, May 2022
  • Language: Dutch