Darwin T. Cabrera
29.04.20 — 19u

Darwin T. Cabrera (°1995, Ecuador) uses photography and video as his preferred media. In his work he searches for what makes an image a portrait. Is it the way people relate to the lens, or the act of taking the photograph itself? He has made series of portraits of young people in nightlife, random passers-by on the streets of Schaarbeek, people in public swimming pools, children on a soccer team… Cabrera adds temporal and spatial dimensions to the portrait as an image, by introducing photographic sequences or video in his process and in presentation. He shows the confrontation of the individual with the camera using the tension between a singular image and the time it takes to create this portrait. During his N+1 residency Cabrera wants to further explore the intertwined relationship between video portraits and, for example, a social and familial fabric.

Darwin T. Cabrera graduated in 2019 with a master’s degree in photography. Hij has exhibited his work in, amongst others, Kavka Antwerp, Recyclart Brussels and Stelplaats Leuven.
In het kader van / in the context of N+1 Residency & Expo in Cas-co
In gesprek met / in conversation with Sammy Ben Yakoub
Talk: Nederlands / Dutch spoken