Ben Rivers
11.10.23 — 19u

In his practice the artist and experimental filmmaker Ben Rivers (°1972, Somerset, UK) treads the line between fiction and non-fiction. Fusing the mystical and the mundane, the cosmic and the personal, mythology and uncertainty, he creates narratives imagining alternative existences in marginal worlds. His films range from themes exploring unknown wilderness territories to candid and intimate portrayals of real-life subjects. In his exhibition at STUK, Rivers presents four recent film installations: Now, at Last! (2018), Ghost Strata (2019), Minotaur (2022) and Ijen/London (2022), in addition to drawings and watercolours immersing you in his world.
  • In the context of the solo exhibition “It’s About Time” (11.10.23-10.12.23)
  • English